In case you haven’t received our Summer 2013 newsletter, we reprint it here.  Check the useful links for keeping your good habits through the season….

It can be a lot easier to eat sanely in the summer….but the season does bring some challenges as well.  The abundance of fresh, affordable—and delicious—produce makes it easy to eat lots more vegetables.  We know that eating more vegetables, all by itself, helps our weight.  Many people also find it easier to exercise in the summer.  No icy roads to keep you inside!  On the other hand, vacations can throw people off their routines.  And the heat, for some, can hinder exercise in the same way that the cold can for others.

That all said, it’s as important as ever to keep up your healthy habits—as best you can, anyway—whatever the season.  Some ideas to help in that direction:

*yes, it really does aid your weight to eat those more and more vegetables….this is one habit to build in the summer.  It’s a good time to think of new and varied ways to use them .

*if your vacations involve a lot of eating out, balance it by increased exercise (walking, swimming, water sports).  And learn to choose wisely when you’re out.  Not every “out” meal needs to be a splurge.

*find alternate exercise forms if you can’t walk in the heat—the gym, the pool, for example.  Also, remember, that short stints of exercise add up.  You don’t always need long sesssions to benefit. 

*enjoy the more relaxed pace of summer if and where you can.  You can, too, use that kind of time for reflecting on your self-care routines when life gets busier.  It’s sometimes easier to do so when you’re not in the middle of it…

*download your Eat Sanely workbook/toolbox to your ereader, so it’s at hand wherever you go.