Free Resources and Helpful Tools to Help you Eat Sanely

Download any or all of these helpful resources and tools designed to help you Eat Sanely.

Eat Sanely E-Book Worksheets

Download the new Kindle Version of the Eat Sanely Workbook on Amazon!

Eat Sanely Statements?:

Statements that would be true if you were to eat sanely. Download Now

Guidelines For Eating Out And Managing Weight:

Learn how to eat out and eat sanely. Download Now

7 Point Hunger Scale:

Use this scale to rate your hunger and identify what being hungry feels like. Download Now

Food Log:

Keep track of how much you actually eat-you’ll be surprised. Download Now

Exercise Planner:

Plan your routine and learn what keeps you from following through. Download Now

On Counting Calories:

Learn the truth about counting calories and weight loss. Download Now

On Menu Planning:

Practical ideas for making home and take-to-work meals easier and more likely to happen in a busy life. Download Now

Coaching Packages

Diet coaching is one-on-one support and guidance to help you meet your health and weight goals. Diet coaching can help you identify the routines that will work best for you. It can help you solve practical problems in putting plans into action. We offer one-on-one coaching services and support via phone and in office.

Get the Book

Learn how to eat sanely toward a peaceful relationship with food and a healthy-enough weight. I’ve worked with people struggling with eating disorders for over 30 years. I wrote Eat Sanely to provide guidance and tools for healthier eating, freedom from yo-yo dieting, and appropriate weight loss and maintenance.

Get the Worksheets

These worksheets aim to help you organize and guide your change efforts. They will help you strengthen key skills for habit change for your eat sanely journey.The worksheets allow practical follow-up to your Eat Sanely reading—so that you can continue on to actually make the needed changes you’ve identified.

*Manage Your Weight– Once and For All
*Learn Lasting New Habits
*Enjoy an Easier Relationship With Food

Start Your Eat Sanely Journey

Most of us agree we’d like to eat sanely. But what exactly is that? At we use the definition that Dr. Terese Weinstein Katz has been using in her work with dieters, overeaters, and people with eating disorders: that is, eating in a way that maintains a healthy-enough weight, for good, without constant worry or guilt.