Eat Sanely: Get Off the Diet Roller Coaster for Good is a workbook to support you in losing weight and maintaining losses. It aims to help you develop new habits that can support healthy eating and weight maintenance for life—not just for the course of a diet.

The workbook will best meet your needs if one or more of these statements hold true:

you’ve been on diets before and are tired of regaining the same pounds over and over

you are aware that some of your eating is for emotional reasons

you may occasionally binge eat

you have some weight to lose but are not classified as “super obese” (near 100 or more lbs. overweight)

you are willing to take the time to do what it takes to learn new habits

If you binge eat frequently, the workbook will help you. It is recommended that you also complete Special Edition 2, Binge Eating Disorder, for best results. And, you may find that working with a professional simultaneously will ensure success for the long run.  A new Eat Sanely ebook edition especially for binge eaters is in the works now.

If you have close to or more than 100 lbs. to lose, the workbook likewise can be helpful. You should, however, also complete Special Edition 1, Morbid Obesity, for best results. And, as with frequent binge eating, simultaneous professional help may better ensure your success.  A new Eat Sanely ebook, especially for those who are severely obese, will soon be published.