I’m so happy to launch EatSanely, my new website, course, and blog. I’ve been working toward this project in various ways for years–as a psychologist, eating disorders specialist, and person who’s very fired up about the food craziness surrounding us.

To start with, let me restate here my working definition of “sane eating”: In short, this is eating in a way that maintains a healthy-enough weight, for good, without constant worry or guilt. In other words, without short-term or extreme diets cause frustration and regain. This doesn’t mean one way of eating fits all. It also doesn’t mean that this is easy, or that it happens all at once. Given the world we live in, though, it does mean that we each have to find some way of reaching that sane eating path—because our food world isn’t going to change overnight. Finding your own path to sanity can take trial and error, and time and attention, given that we live in a world of fast food, fake food, 300,000 diet books, and 1,400 calorie hamburgers. I believe there’s a way for each of us, though. And that’s what this work, and this forum, is about.

In this weekly blog, I’ll talk about sane eating “building blocks”—change strategies, coping skills, and “food for thought” that might help in paving a sane path. Also, as I comb the media daily for the helpful and the ridiculous, I’ll often comment on what strikes me there.

I hope you’ll join me in this exploration. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts, your ideas, your questions, your successes and frustrations. Let me know what you think!