Eating out is one of those “non-routine” circumstances the Eat Sanely workbook covers–along with holidays and other times when weight management can falter.  In fact, cooking at home more, preparing foods in advance,  learning how to order well at restaurants:  these are key skills and habits that bolster your ability to maintain a good weight for years.

While eating out rarely matches eating in as a weight-smart choice, choosing well does make a difference.  And now, some restaurants have responded to our collective needs by offering better options.

The Eat Sanely blog archive contains several entries on how to get more home cooking into your life, and several more on dealing with holidays.  Also, the 4/16/10 post addresses restaurant eating specifically.

More recently, the New York Times published the helpful “How to Eat Healthy Meals at Restaurants.”  Read up to enjoy both your food outings and your best weight!