This week I’m happy to introduce you to a new blog I’ve launched at Psychology Today.  Called “Thin From Within”, it’s subtitled “how inner conflict keeps people stuck”:
The Eat Sanely blog will continue to comment on relevant news, offer practical advice and strategies, and from time to time explore the emotional elements of eating.  The new blog, on the other hand, will focus mainly on the inner emotional aspects of how we eat.   This includes, too, how we manage to change or improve how we eat.

Most of us know how difficult it is to lose weight, to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy relationship with food.  Regular readers know that I don’t automatically and always suspect emotional underpinnings to weight struggles.  The foods overwhelming our senses today, loaded with sugar and salt and fat, help create these problems.  So does the more sedentary lifestyle typical of our time, and the high stress levels many of us experience.   However:  it happens that even after we’ve learned what works, and even after we’ve acquired the right tools, we can find ourselves unable to follow through. 

 When that’s the case, it makes sense to check within.  What I call “inner obstacles” in the Eat Sanely course can keep us from caring for ourselves as we wish.    We know that stress and anxiety can make it difficult to eat well.  Emotions that operate outside of our awareness—guilt is often such a culprit—can sabotage our efforts as well.   And likewise, becoming conscious of, and dealing directly with, our emotions can free us.

So, I hope that “Thin From Within” will spark awareness, enable reflection, and support that freedom.   I invite you to visit the site and comment where you wish!