One diet doesn’t fit all, but which one will best fit you?

This is a crucial question as you set out to eat more sanely and to manage your weight for good.  Today I posted Part II on this subject at Psychology Today (  This is also the beginning of the change process outlined in the EatSanely workbook.  Both the workbook materials and the blogs—recent and upcoming—aim to give you tools for mapping your own path to healthy weight and eating sanity.   I believe that path can lead to much more than a fit body.  It can lead to confidence.  It can strengthen your ability to live in the world in the way you really want to.

In keeping with that, I’ve been asked to contribute to the online magazine YourTango ( ).   This site focuses on relationships—meeting people, falling in love, getting married, solving problems.  The editors recognize a place for self-care and weight management in that mix.   So YourTango articles, too, will sometimes provide tools for defining what’s best for you.

I invite your comments and questions as you map your own paths.