A version of “Talking to Kids About Weight” appeared on the Psychology Today blog Thin From Within (http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/thin-within)

One commentor sent information on a DVD, tip cards, discussion strategies, etc. available for parents to talk to kids on a host of health-related subjects.  This includes weight, eating disorders, and other topics that parents may feel at a loss to tackle.  In some cases, as with weight, parents may even fear  that talking will worsen things–“if I mention weight, she’ll feel bad….”, for instance.   As I stressed in my last blog, this need not be true.  However, what a help to have some concrete guidance.  Parents can indeed help kids care for themselves.  And they can help guide them toward healthier choosing.  Check out these resources at  http://www.wordscanwork.com

Good luck to all parents, kids, and families working to eat–and live–more sanely!