Maybe you’ve worked really hard to lose weight this year.  Maybe you’ve started eating better, no matter what your weight.  Maybe it’s been on-again/off-again, but you’re pushing for more “on-again”.  No matter what, this is the “perfect storm” season for backtracking:  lots of tempting food, everywhere.  Stress, family pressures, too much to do.   More alcohol, less sleep.  Routines out of whack.   It’s hard to avoid setback, yet so rewarding when setback’s at least minimized.  January 1st comes soon and hard enough without 10 pounds to lose.

To help you through, check out these links, to the Eat Sanely holiday archives  (note especially “The Joys of Just Maintaining“), and to our favorite help-you-through-the-holidays articles from.   Some of this support hones specifically on the holiday overloads; some can serve you well all year long.

Eat Sanely Holiday Archive – collects holiday help from all recent years.

Assertive eating” – introduces an absolutely necessary holiday survival skill that can help you cement new habits and routines for months and months beyond.

This may not seem the best season to start a new routine.  Perhaps, though, it’s a perfect time to start experimenting, a little here and there, even, with “mindful eating”.  You can find more in the Eat Sanely archives or workbook.   A recent Healthy Habits column in Cooking Light, also, spotlighted this enormously helpful skill.

And finally, as for getting back on track in January, you will find past musings in the Holiday Archive….and look for fresh ones here at the start of the new year, too!