Talking to Kids About Food

What Should Children Eat? In our heightened concern with healthy food and eating practices, looking at how our children relate to food makes sense. What encourages better choices, what instills too much fear?

Weight Loss Surgery and Sane Eating: Can they coexist?

Weight loss surgery is often seen as an “easy way out”, or a short-term “band-aid” that only masks deeper problems. On the other side, beliefs persist that surgery can solve problems all by itself. In short, the idea of surgery as a drastic solution seesaws with the idea that it’s a lazy solution. The reality is way more complex than this.

Start Your Eat Sanely Journey

Most of us agree we’d like to eat sanely. But what exactly is that? At we use the definition that Dr. Terese Weinstein Katz has been using in her work with dieters, overeaters, and people with eating disorders: that is, eating in a way that maintains a healthy-enough weight, for good, without constant worry or guilt. 

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